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Trezor's Role

Amid Bitcoin's rising popularity, security became paramount. To address this, SatoshiLabs created the Trezor hardware wallet, ensuring safe coin storage and protection against hacks and scams.

Trezor doesn't store cryptocurrency itself; rather, it secures the essential private keys. This functionality extends beyond crypto, serving as a versatile authentication tool.

Cryptocurrencies demand robust security, as transactions are irreversible. Trezor empowers users with key control, reducing exposure to leaks, hacks, and phishing attacks.


SatoshiLabs pioneers advanced security tools for Bitcoin, including the groundbreaking Trezor Model T. With an open-source approach, it continually improves cybersecurity practices and standards.

Trezor Model One

The original hardware wallet, providing comprehensive cryptocurrency management with regular updates and open-source support.

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Trezor Model T

Featuring a full-colour touchscreen, it offers enhanced security and user experience, serving as the sole FIDO2 authenticator with touchscreen capabilities.

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