Bitcoin And Your Employee Benefits

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Our Story

Founded in 2023, Block Rewards was born out of a passion for helping Canadian businesses provide their employees with tools required to survive and thrive in the post pandemic economy. As government debt rises the cost of servicing that debt rises with it. The likely outcome to this problem is prolonged higher rates of inflation, which put pressure on wages, employee mental health, and retirement planning.

Our Approach

Block Rewards was created with employers in mind. Our vision is creating a suite of tools to empower employers to think about Bitcoin as a tool to support them in their greatest investment - human capital.

Our Expertise

Our founder has 15 years in the employee benefits and retirement savings plan industry. All of our products and services are designed to meet the user experience consistent with any other employee benefit product you might include in your current package.


Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Healthy employees are productive and loyal employees. Your medical and dental plan is a tool to foster retention and create culture. In the purest sense, we believe Bitcoin is the most important benefit an employer could offer today. Most employer plans offer some coinsurance on medical and dental coverage where the employee is responsible for some portion of claim cost. As disposable income goes down, an employees ability to use their benefits eventually reduces. A Bitcoin component could be the useful in creating some income to enable staff to spend proactively on their health.

Cash Compensation

Cash Compensation

Our government issued "fiat" money loses value by design. The stated goal of the Bank of Canada is a 2% compounding depreciation. That means your money is half as valuable every 35 years roughly. Bitcoin is money designed to retain value by virtue of its permanently capped supply. For this reason, taking a partial salary in Bitcoin is a simple way to insulate part of your income from planned currency depreciation.

Retirement Savings Plans

Retirement Savings Plans

Pensions and RRSPs have been  a backbone in Canada for employee retention. Most employer sponsored savings plans rely on predetermined portfolio choices which are typically mixes of stocks and bonds. 2022 was the worst year in 90 years for the 60/40 portfolio and our view is that the debt levels today  will ultimately result in the failure of the bond market. An event like this would be catastrophic for pensions and we believe Bitcoin offers insurance on this outcome.

Elective Benefits

Elective Benefits

If you are offering Pet Insurance, Flexible Work From Home, Health Spending Accounts, Wellness Accounts, Employee Assistance Programs, or any other top up benefit above and beyond traditional medical and dental - Bitcoin has a place here as a unique option to add to your elective choices.


Bitcoin Payroll

Bitcoin Savings Plan

Embrace the Future: Simplify Your Transition to Bitcoin Compensation with Block Rewards

Bitcoin is a transformational financial tool that works differently than the financial tools we are used to. It's a big change! We are here to help at every step of the way and make this leap forward as simple and straightforward as possible. 

Building Bitcoin into compensation and rewards will position your organization today, to recruit and retain staff in the economy of tomorrow. Why wait? Get started with submitting some basic info below. A Block Rewards team member will reach out shortly!