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Bitcoin Superiority in the Workplace

Bitcoin stands out as the premier digital currency choice for businesses entering the realm of cryptocurrency payments. Its unparalleled attributes make it the optimal selection, particularly for enhancing recruitment and retention efforts. Over its 14-year tenure, Bitcoin has exhibited remarkable resilience amidst market fluctuations, consistently maintaining its status as the foremost digital currency. With its unique combination of decentralization, price stability, and widespread adoption, Bitcoin emerges as the sole contender worthy of consideration in the corporate landscape.



Bitcoin is money that requires work to be produced. There is a permanently finite amount, and the rate at which new Bitcoin are mined reduces by 50% every 4 years. This process is called the halving.

We believe in rewarding employees for their efforts with money that requires effort to create.

Advantages of Bitcoin Adoption

The global adoption and network effect of Bitcoin are unmatched in the realm of cryptocurrencies, offering substantial benefits to employers and employees alike. Its robust liquidity and stability, complemented by a well-developed infrastructure and regulatory integration, provide a seamless avenue for businesses to incorporate Bitcoin payments. Furthermore, Bitcoin's user-centric monetary policy, characterized by a fixed supply and merit-based minting process, positions it as not only a viable alternative to traditional currencies but also a pioneering advancement in monetary systems, heralding a new era of financial innovation.


The Future of Compensation
Bitcoin Only

Block reward is a term in the Bitcoin world that refers to the Bitcoin rewarded to a miner when they successfully validate a new block. Miners supply the Bitcoin network computing power and for their energy they are rewarded with Bitcoin.

Our business is helping Canadian employers validate their employees work, with Bitcoin. We help Canadian employers integrate Bitcoin into compensation, rewards, and savings plans. We are the conduit to the next step in the evolution of compensation and employee benefits. 

Embrace the Future: Simplify Your Transition to Bitcoin Compensation with Block Rewards

Bitcoin is a transformational financial tool that works differently than the financial tools we are used to. It's a big change! We are here to help at every step of the way and make this leap forward as simple and straightforward as possible. 

Building Bitcoin into compensation and rewards will position your organization today, to recruit and retain staff in the economy of tomorrow. Why wait? Get started with submitting some basic info below. A Block Rewards team member will reach out shortly!